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Agios Nikitas, a picturesque fishing village, hidden in the bosom of a creek and surrounded by olive and cypress trees, charms the visitor at first glance.
It is well known for its small but magical emerald beach, for its relaxing and comfortable accommodations and for the delicious fresh fish which you can find in the local taverns.
It has been characterized as a traditional settlement by the Greek Government and maintains the local architecture and colors.
Near Agios Nikitas you will find some of the most beautiful beaches of the island, such as Milos, Pefkoulia and Kathisma.

About 38 km south of Lefkada town is Vassiliki. A small seaside village, which has all the amenities for visitors and is regarded as one of the busiest tourist resorts of Lefkada.
The village and its residents retain their traditional character and by walking through the narrow alleyways you might encounter some old ladies wearing traditional costumes or fishermen detangling their nets.
Vassiliki beach is sandy and shallow, making it suitable for children.
Vassiliki is known as a meeting point for lovers of wind surfing. During the summer due to the thermal wind, also known as «Eric», you will find hundreds of surfers to spend unforgettable experiences in Vassiliki bay.

Sivota, or as it is more known, Sivota Bay, is located at the south-eastern edge of Lefkada. The only description that fits this place is ... natural beauty. It is known for many years as a well hidden anchorage for the rich and famous sailors of the majestic Ionian Sea. It is one of the most picturesque harbors of Lefkada island, as the sea enters the land, which is full of olive trees. Sivota is the haven of the small but picturesque village of Evgiros.
According to the German archaeologist Dorpfeld, Sivota is the area where Eumaeus, the herdsman of Odysseus, was grazing his animals.
Before nightfall, Eumaeus lead pigs to Evgiros and watered them at the Arethusa source. Next, he corralled them in a nearby cave, the Choirospilia (= the Pigcave). In the Choirospilia relics of the Neolithic Age have been found.

Karia, another picturesque village is situated 14 km from Lefkada town. It is one of Lefkada’s mountain villages, known for its unparalleled beauty and famous "Karia embroidery".
Karia is one of the largest villages on the island. The hallmark of the village is the central square, which is shaded by plane trees. Beside the square there is a stone fountain, offering plenty of gurgling water to a thirsty traveler. Continuing the tour, you will find traditional stone houses, windmills and historic churches.
A little further, at the foot of the village is the Monastery of St. John the Baptist, which was built in 1605 BC.

A small picturesque harbor the South-East of Lefkada where visitors can admire the stunning scenery, eat fresh fish or local Specialities and enjoy the crystal clear sea!
Mikros Gialos is near Poros, a small typical village of Lefkada. A white pebbled beach sheltered from the wind as it is part of the Gulf of Rouda. For this reason it is an ideal choice during summer days with strong winds.
Mikros Gialos is the perfect location to get away from the noisy everyday life and enjoy the sunny sky and the blue sea.


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