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Tuesday - 23 Jul. 2019                              
The ATVs (quads) are no toys. They are vehicles on the road and have to obey the traffic rules and have to be driven carefully. The drivers should consider themselves invisible to other drivers and drive defensively.

  • TIRE PRESSURE. Quad tires are big and soft and should be inflated at low pressures that standard petrol station gauges cannot measure accurately. Moto Star Lefkas checks tire pressure before every rental but if you are in doubt ask us to check them again for you. This is the most important thing on quad safety since over-inflated tires will cause the quad bike to bounce out of control when you hit a stone or go over a hole.
  • HELMETS. Must be worn when driving a quad bike. It is quite rare to fall off a quad but if an accident happens the riders are not strapped to their seat and will fly off the vehicle. Sunglasses or a visor and closed shoes are necessary, too.
  • KEEP A SAFE DISTANCE. You don't want to crash on the vehicle in front of you if the driver slams on the brakes. Check your rear view mirror and move to the side to let others overtake you.
  • NO OFF-ROAD DRIVING. Some people call the quad bikes All Terrain Vehicles (ATV's) but driving off-road requires special skills and good knowledge of the terrain. There might be big holes or other hazards that are invisible. Moto Star Lefkas does not permit off-road driving for any vehicle and our insurance will not cover damages that occurred while driving off-road.
  • DRINKING AND DRIVING. Don't even think about it! It's deadly wrong. If you had a couple of drinks, lock the quad bike wherever it is, note where it is (so we can find it later) and take a taxi, ask somebody to take you to your hotel or walk home.
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