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Wednesday - 30 Sep. 2020                              
A scooter is a motorcycle type with an open frame that has become very popular for short distance driving in cities and islands. The scooter is not a toy, it is a vehicle that demands respect and attention. The rider should consider himself invisible to other drivers and has to drive defensively. If you don't have any experience on a scooter or motorcycle you should not rent at all.

Here is a list of some safe riding tips:
  • PROTECTIVE CLOTHING. Wearing a helmet is a must as well as closed shoes (no sandals) bright clothes that cover the legs and arms and sunglasses or visor.
  • SPEED. Scooters and mopeds are designed for lower speeds than cars and motorcycles and although they handle very well and are quite forgiving at low speed they become hazardous if you exceed the speed they are designed for. As a general rule small size scooters must not exceed 50 km/h and larger scooters 70km/h.
  • KEEP A SAFE DISTANCE. The most common reason for accidents is following up too close to the vehicle ahead, so leave a safe distance and keep to the right side of the road. If another driver is following up on you too close move to the side and let him overtake you.
  • BRAKING. Use both front and rear brakes. When breaking the weight is transferred to the front wheel so the rear will lock up and slide very easily. When going down a steep hill, do not stay on the brakes all the time, this can cause the brakes to overheat. It is better to brake harder, then release the brakes and apply again. The scooter's automatic transmission will automatically disengage when the speed drops below approx. 5 km/h and you will then have no engine braking. This happens when you go around a tight corner on a winding road. So after you exit the curve give a little bit of gas, just enough to engage the transmission again and restore engine breaking.
  • DRINKING AND DRIVING. Don't even think about it! It's deadly wrong. If you had a couple of drinks, lock the scooter, note where it is (in order to find it later) and take a taxi, ask somebody for a lift or walk home.
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