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Tuesday - 23 Jul. 2019                              
DRIVING A CAR IN LEFKADA Information for motorists in Lefkada
Lefkada is a small island and a rental car is a great way to get around and explore, if you don’t want to waste time waiting for the bus or looking for a taxi. By car you have freedom of movement and can reach places that public transport does not cover. The roads of Lefkas are in relatively good condition and safe if you drive carefully.

Many people worry about parking in Lefkada, but our municipality has opened a lot of free parking at all locations visited by tourists. There is free parking around the center of Lefkada town. You will notice that there are many cars that are parked illegally but do not be tempted to do the same because the police will give you a fine.

Tips for your safety
  • Drive slowly. Lefkada is a small island and there is absolutely no reason to speed. Always wear seat belts and follow traffic rules.
  • Drive defensively and watch out for those who ride mopeds and quads.
  • If you normally drive automatic cars rent an automatic, so you will not distract your attention from the road while changing gears.
  • Do not leave valuable items in the car.
  • Do not drive on unpaved roads, even if you have rented a 4x4 vehicle. Moto Star Lefkas does not allow any vehicle to drive off-road, because insurance does not cover damages caused in this case.
  • DRIVING AND ALCOHOL. Do not even think about it! It is deadly wrong. If you drink alcohol lock the vehicle, note where it is (to be able to find it later) and take a taxi, ask someone to take you to your hotel or walk home.
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